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Winchester Chest Clinic



Beginning in 1909, Sarah Winchester funded the building and operation of a hospital in West Haven, Connecticut, for patients with tuberculosis. Although the hospital no longer exists, the fund Sarah created continues to support the Winchester Chest Clinic, now part of the Yale New Haven Hospital.

John Morthanos is a direct marketing consultant from Stratford, Connecticut. In 2001 he went to the Milford Hospital emergency room with what he thought was a heart attack. However, it was determined that he had not had a heart attack, and he was sent home. He became increasingly short of breath and dizzy but his primary physician told him not to worry about it. Over the next ten years, John consulted with many doctors. No doctor was able to diagnose what was causing his symptoms.


Eventually he was referred by a cardiologist to the Winchester Chest Clinic in New Haven. In 2011 they were finally able to correctly diagnose that John had idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a rare lung disease. They told John that he needed a lung transplant. The operation was successful and today John is doing well.


If you wish to donate to the Winchester Chest Clinic in honor of the true legacy of Sarah Winchester, you may do so at: .   Please check the "Honor/Memorial" box and enter in memory of Sarah Winchester.






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